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8:1 Cunningham System for a Laser - Harken Blocks

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8:1 Cunningham System for a Laser - Harken Blocks
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This is the Rooster devised 8:1 cunningham system using Harken blocks and fits straight onto the ´old style´ deck fittings or the ´new´ deck cleat and block system. It is recomended the 8:1 system is used on the full Laser 1 sail rig, and not a Radial rig (use the 6:1 system which is adequate for the Laser Radial rig)


1. The short blue Dyneema pre-spliced line is first 'cow hitched' onto the Harken 348 29mm block. The other end is passed through the Laser® sail tack/cunningham eye and attached to the top of the Laser Harken Kicker.

2. The Harken 2146 29mm Carbo T2 Soft-Attach Block - Open Center using the supplied Harken grey cord (not seen in photo left - it is on the back of the card)  is then attached to the above Harken 348 29mm block to form a double 'daisy chain' block. See photo below:

3.   Another short pre-spliced Dyneema grey/blue line is then 'cow spliced'  to the lower block - if you have the GREY line supplied in the kit (using the smaller of the two loops) cow hitch onto the second Harken 348 29mm block. NOTE: If you have second BLUE line supplied, then simply knot the block onto the end of the free blue line. See photo below.  The other end (the large loop) is then slid over the bottom of the Laser® mast and stops just below the Laser® kicker fitting. The kicker fitting and tang mast fitting stops the loop from going any higher. See photo below:

4. The 4mm blue long SPC Rooster control line is then passed through the centre hole on the lower Harken 348 29mm block and a simple stopper knot made. (A bowling knot is the other option, or as the control rope is Rooster SPC rope, this can spliced onto this block - see the video HERE). The other end of this rope is then passed through the lower top block, back to the lower block, back to the higher top block and then finally down to the small existing block on the Lasers® deck and then to the cleat to adjust as required.  This completes the 8:1 assembly. 

Laser® is a registered trademark owned by Velum Limited and currently licensed for use in Europe to Laser Performance (Europe) Limited. Rooster Sailing Limited is fully independent of both Laser Performance (Europe) Limited and Velum Limited.

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  • Harry Smith, Leeds, 05 September 2020
    So much smoother running than what I had before. The main line is maybe a bit long, but easily sorted. It was also be nice if all the blocks matched, but that's me being picky. Works really well, and very easy to adjust, even when hiking hard up towards the front of the boat.