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youth race week hisc

By Louis Wright 30th September 2020
Youth Race Week I had just come back from the RS Feva Worlds with Jamie and we decided to sail with different people for this week. The first race was my first time sailing with my friend Nathan. We had a few problems with the spinnaker but we still managed to get a 3rd and a 4th which we were very pleased with as there were 26 fevas. At the end of the first day we were coming 3rd. Louisnathan We had a good series of results until the 2nd to last day where we got an 8th and a 14th due to some bad starts. We got two discards which meant our worst result was a 7th. On the last day we had no wind but they still took us out. When we got to the course they cancelled it so we got a tow in by the committee boat. There were a few problems throughout the week: On Day 3 our spinnaker came undone at the tack. This was because we hadn’t rigged the spinnaker ourselves and asked my mum to tie the bowline on the tack... Lessons learnt here were (a) rig your own spinnaker (b) check knots (c) learn to re-rig your spinnaker and tie a bowine on the water! We still completed two good races without the spinnaker by goose winging the jib, although we may have done slightly better with the spinnaker! On Day 4 we had a little bit of water in the boat and after checking the bung was in we realised we had a flat spot in the hatch seal, so that evening we changed the seal which solved the problem! At least we hadn’t left the bung out which my sister managed to do on the first day – she had a boat so full of water we couldn’t pull it up the beach! Overall Nathan and I came 6th. We both enjoyed the week and the evening activities, especially the Youth Ball on the Thursday evening which had a James Bond theme. We all wore shirts and ties but with our trainers or flip flops as we had all forgotten our shoes... Louis Wright Feva 4963 Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 20.04.22

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