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Winter Training begins

By Matt Smith 30th September 2020
Hey guys, Matt Smith here. Since my last blog post lots of exciting things have happened, firstly Barts Bash, a hugely exciting event and one of the most fun I have ever competed in. I competed at Alton Water and we had a really good turnout. I finished as 4th RS Tera Pro and 1527th overall so in the top 10% a result thats alright for the first time. Also I found out at the end of the Summer that I got into National Squad for RS Tera Pro's. To say I was pleased would be an understatement! The first training weekend was two weekends ago, it was great. It was at Queen Mary Sailing Club and there was a moderate breeze all weekend. We started with introductions and meeting the new coaches, then we went out to do some 'ice breaking games' and mobility activities, then we had lunch and went out sailing. We focused on windward and leeward mark roundings compiling a routine before going out and practising it on the water. The next day we started with a briefing on nutrition, I am going to think a lot more carefully about what I put into my body now! Then we went outside for fitness testing. After lunch we went back on the water to practise some more rounding and work on turns. we started with a drill called Diamond Geezer, where you sail around a diamond and if you're first you have to do four turns, second three turns, third two turns and fourth one turn. You get a point per turn and the first to 12 wins. We also did a game where you have to stay between two ribs that are moving forward and closer together. You have to get to the front then tack around one of them and round the leeward mark. The process is repeated and the person with the most laps wins. Then after a debrief with many notes taken we headed home, I left extremely motivated and excited for the winter of training to come. Matt Smith Pre-training on Saturday Last Saturday, before moving our RS 200 to Brightlingsea for their winter series, Dad and I thought it would be fun to do some sailing in the morning. After an hour instructing my friend's little sister the wind picked up. I went out with Dad in the 200 and we absolutely flew along, clocking in some nice gybing practice in big breezes and keeping the boat flat upwind and out of tacks. Then I went in and quickly rigged the Tera to took it out for a spin. By now the wind was very strong and I got some good practice in, working on all the points we had done the previous weekend at Queen Mary and it felt like the fastest I had ever been in a Tera. After that we packed up the Tera and put the 200 on the road trailer and took it to Brightlingsea. We then had a fun filled afternoon trying to put up the mast in a lot of wind with Grandad. All in all, a fantastic day. Another thing I'm excited about is getting an RS Feva sometime this winter (hopefully this side of christmas); I won't be campaigning it until after the Tera Worlds next year but it will still be fun to start training in it anyway. Finally my favourite bit of kit so far.... is the Race Armour Lite Shorts! What I like so much about these is that you can wear them on top of anything. Also at events they are useful because if at lunch time it warms up instead of having to take out my HikePads and reposition in a new bit of kit I can just leave them in my Race Armour Lite Shorts and put them back on top. Thanks for reading and happy sailing! Matt

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