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Kit Guide

Winter towing antics.

By Rooster Sailing 30th September 2020
I had been anticipating Sailing this weekend for an interesting start to the season and ready to report on my winter sailing to everyone on the blog, as this would have been my first February Perisher series at Parkstone Yacht club. I was closely looking at the forecast hoping for medium winds of 12 knots -15knots. As this first race also coincided with my transition to Radial for the first time. So I was ready to go. The treacherous forecast sadly perhaps had left my parents refusing to Tow my laser down to the club, due to the amount of ice predicted as snow grips the country, also due to serious trailer problems. So it looks as if I'll be waiting for next week for the season to start (lets hope its not 30 knots). It would have been interesting to see how all my new rooster kit, I received over Christmas would have faired in subzero temperature. Well done to all those that raced in the snow, I'm sure that was fun. I will keep you informed in the coming months how I'm getting on against the adults in perisher series and how the transition from 4.7 to Radial is going. Should be out next week with a forecast of 8 knots in Poole harbour. Hopefully during the coming season, I will sail in many open events in the southern region. Josh D Age 16

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