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Why Bother Sulking...

By Rooster Sailing 30th September 2020
I've been sulking since the Merlin champs, managed fifth but was shooting for top three. I shouldn't be really. When I do that objective look back I realise we made far too many mistakes (capsizing, missing wind on the water, tacking out of the wind). Why did we do well at the beginning of the year and then blow up at the champs. Thought about it too much? Weight of expectation, I dunno. But I have a plan, but that's for me to know and I'm not gonna share it! I've been doing some PRO stuff, mainly for the 18ft skiffs and cadets at Parkstone. A lot of race management consists of standing around on open boats platforms not just in the nice weather but also that rainy stuff and the wet waves that have a habit of washing over you. So finally splashed out (excsue the pun) on some Rooster Hi-Fit Trousers. They're are really good, warm, dry (when used with my Rooster aqua-fleece) & very comfortable. Makes running racing a bit easier. The 18ft Skiff champs were great fun to run but more so to watch. The boats are pretty mad, although the foiling Moths make them look a bit old fashioned, but still an absolute hoot.
We got three days of racing in and managed to keep everyone (well nearly). By the second day word had spread round the club we were running the event and the spectator fleet consisted of the entire Parkstone YC Flag Officers and committee members. Thankfully we had a great team and it all went smoothly. I think the Saturday was the most spectacular with over 15knots and the teams picking the wrong (big) rig. This was great for us watching on, the breeze along with the 0.5-1m gave some awesome cartwheel capsizes which certainly made me feel better having managed to cartwheel the Merlin at HISC champs while in third place- still unsure how we managed to manufacture such a capsize in Merlin Sprocket!

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