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Which One Are You? Characters Around the Racecourse

By Rooster Sailing 2nd October 2020
There are many different characters around a racecourse, here are a few you may recognise. Disclaimer: no insults intended, just observations – be proud of the way you sail! Now please welcome Risky Ralph, who seems to be magnetically attracted to the corners of the racecourse. Well, credit to Ralph, he always has a pre-start plan – although his plans are limited to “imma bang left!” or “imma bang right!” Sometimes, he gets bullets but other times he comes almost dead last. You have to give it to him though: Ralph certainly lives life on the edge! We all know the Port Hand Hero. Heroes never fail to impress as they nail the pin end and cross the whole fleet. A port flyer is their signature move and they seem to always pull it out the bag. When they get back to shore they are instantly promoted to boat park stardom and everyone is like “please give me some of your magic.” Next up is Loud Larry who likes to let you know, as clearly as possible, when you’re about to go into their gap on the start line – now I know this is what coaches preach about, but some people really do own it. Also, I don’t know about you but to be honest if you tell me not to go somewhere then that only makes me want to go there even more … Then there is the Cover Lover. There is always that sneaky person who finds it so entertaining to sit on your wind all the way to the leeward mark. I mean really? For the sake of one place in one race? Watch out Cover Lover: you’re at the top of my hit list. We have to talk about Try It On Ron. Now, Ron is certainly not lacking in self-confidence – so much so that he has learned every rule in the book and will yell them at the top of his lungs. Actually, I have a good story about a Try It On Ron – or should I say Paula (my mum!). She was racing a Hobie 16 and the racing rules had recently been updated, “haven’t you read the new rules?” she yelled at the boat in front of her. The other boat panicked and let her round the mark first, and as she passed them she smiled sweetly and said “ladies first.” We can’t miss out Chatty Matty. Matty is lovely and a very sociable guy, but is often blissfully unaware of when he should stop the chat. You’ll be hovering on the start line and in your zone, and then along will come Matty with a big, cheeky grin on his face as he endeavours to spark up a conversation . Politely you return the greeting but inside you’re thinking “Matty, please stop. This is a race, not a coffee morning!” Look out for my next blog where we’ll meet, Superglue Sue, Jury Ruaridh, Black Flag Mags and Minnie the Oocher. Frances Fox

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