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Well you'd hike harder too if Robert Schiedt was watching!!

By 30th September 2020
Last week I was in Torbole, a town located at the waters edge of Lake Garda in Italy. I've never been to Garda before and I was taken aback by how beautiful it is. Towering steep sided cliff faces on both sides covered in lush green trees with picturesque towns dotted along the shore. It was so stunning it was distracting me from my sailing at times! I was training with Annalise Murphy (IRL), Nathalie Brugger (SUI), Francesca Clapicich (ITA), Gintare Sheidt (LTU), and dynamic duo Lucia and Fatima Reyes (identical twins from ESP). The idea behind the week long camp was to get faster and fitter in strong winds and Garda is a place where you are almost guaranteed to get the ideal conditions to do that. The only downside was that the best wind of the day was between 7.30am and 10.30am, so it meant we were on early sailing sessions all week (lucky for me the buffet breakfast at the hotel included unlimited coffee)! On one of the days we were training, Gintare's husband the legendary Robert Sheidt came out in the coach boat to watch. Even though we had already done 4 days of hard sailing, everybody seemed to be on top form and appeared to be hiking harder than ever that day. Well you'd hike harder too if Robert Scheidt was watching! We did 7 days straight of training, making the most of the warm weather and breezy conditions. I also made the most of the tasty Italian food to aid my weight gain. After eating pizza, pasta and ice-cream for a week I am now another kilo heavier!

Unfortunately I have not been able to do any training since the Garda camp as I have picked up a nasty cold and cough. Despite feeling like I was about to cough up a lung, I did manage to compete at the Laser Qualifier at Hayling Island this weekend. Powered by Lemsip, I had two 2nd's and a 1st among my scoreline and finished 4th overall. After this latest Qualifier I am now ranked 2nd in the UK (equal points with 1st). Speaking of rankings, the new World rankings came out this week and I am up to 11th! Hayling Radial Qualifier results UK rankings World rankings Coming up, I've got 2 weeks of training in Weymouth followed by the last Laser Qualifier at Paignton before I'm off to Australia at the beginning of November! Sail fast and don't be last! AB

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