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Wanted - Laser® 4000's for updating to Rooster® 4000's.

By Steve Cockerill 2nd October 2020
French, Italian and British 4000 sailors are looking for second hand boats to add to their growing fleets:
4kfleets 4000's are growing fast in Italy, France and UK
The Euro Cup has settled into an annual event in Quiberon, France and Garda, Italy (2016 Garda, Italy, 2017 Quiberon, France) fleets in both countries are growing fast with increasing demand. Newcomers from the UK are also out hunting for boats to join the growing UK fleet. If you know of an unloved Laser® 4000 resting in your boat park - please give the owner a prod and find out if he/she is keen to sell - if so please send the details to the Rooster 4000 second hand boat coordinator, Richard De Fleury. He can be contacted by email: press'at' or richard4k 'at' hotmail 'dot' co 'dot' uk. Richard is keen to match boats with sailors. There were nearly 800 Laser®4000's built. We just need to repatriate them with new teams eager to join in with the fun. For those of you looking at second hand boats wondering if spare parts are a concern, Rooster holds stock of everything from gennaker poles to trampolines. If you can't see it on the website, please give us a call in the office on +44 01243 389997. The boats were originally over built by Laser® which is now to our benefit as they all appear to be competitive, whatever their vintage.

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