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Kit Guide

Walking on Eggs

By Rooster Sailing 30th September 2020
Having had a 2 week sailing break we finally made it out for a sail on Sunday night, in under 7 knots! What is this? no hanging out? no nail biting runs or green water waves swamping the boat (except from Solent Scene)? I love sailing in a blow but the art of light air racing is as complex and cerebral as heavy air racing is grunt and subtly. Getting forward in the Merlin immediately after/during the tack is vital else you ship in buckets of water. It's a tricky thing to do well, as you've got to skip over the thwart and get the front foot under the crews toe strap in one movement (without doing that herd of buffalo thing). Doing it well requires you to walk as if eggs are under your feet. I find it really hard to do consistently, but the Merlin does rewards the effort. Thinking about it though, that's the same for almost every boat I've ever sailed! Salcombe Merlin Week is looming for next week, Toby and I are really looking forward to the this one. Finally ordered sailing kit that I've been meaning to for ages. I decided to go for the Rooster kit,which has worked out really well so far. The lady on the end of the phone was really well informed (and passionate about their products), the kit turned up when they said it would and worked like we expected it to - which is always cool.

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