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Variety is the spice of life

By 2nd October 2020

Over the last year I've done a lot of sailing, gearing up for both the Scorpion Nationals and the Flying Fifteen Worlds has led to a lot of weekends away. Doing that amount of sailing has certainly put a strain on resources, particularly on time. Sometimes I find that amount of sailing and travelling can lead to getting stale, but this season has been different. I think it was down to the fact that the two classes require very different sailing styles, and that has helped to keep us fresh, ensuring we keep it simple and concentrate on doing the basics well.

Perhaps campaigning two classes to major championships is a bit much and strains the time resources a bit far on top of work and buying a house, but I definitely think there is something to trying out other classes to keep your thinking fresh and your sailing fun.

So recently when I had the opportunity to sail a Solo for the first time at Hollingworth Lake SC I jumped at the chance. At 73kgs I'm on the small end for a Solo, but for club racing in variable conditions and with the help of some rake I didn't have any problems at all (other than having to hike a little harder than some of the other guys).

Solo 3

Now those who sailed with me at university will tell you that I've not always been the most eager to jump into a Solo, but I had a great days sailing. Other than getting stuck under the boom a couple of times through the roll tacks, it didn't take long to get used to the boat enough to get round efficiently and the racing was really close and enjoyable.

Solo 4

I'd like to thank Olly Whitehead for the loan of his boat for the day, it was a smashing days sailing and much appreciated. Hopefully we'll find some time in the new year to reciprocate in the Scorpion. Also thanks to Hollingworth Lake for allowing me to join in for the day, always the warmest of welcomes at this club. Also thanks to Martin Brennan for showing us the way round and Chris Massey for the loan of a sail. Can anyone spot the Race Officers nightmare in the last photo?

Solo 5 Thanks to Adam McGovern for the photographs.

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