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UK Junior Squad Weekend

By Louis Wright 2nd October 2020

This weekend Jamie and I had our first ever UK Junior Squad training weekend. We were quite nervous but excited as both of us are proud to have made it into UKJS. The weekend consisted of one day on the water and one day doing fitness.

On Saturday we had an early start to meet our new coach Tim Rush. We went sailing straight after meeting him so that he could see us all sail.
We had a good breeze of 14 to 15 knots throughout the day. The sailing was very enjoyable and we learnt a lot from just one day of training. We are far more aware of our kicker now and trying to keep flat.

On Sunday we had the fitness test and discussions about aiming for the podium. We woke up early with butterflies in our stomachs. We had a good breakfast and were ready for the fitness test.

First Jamie and I had to do the trunk endurance test, this tested our leg and back muscles. Then we had to do a standing still long jump which tested leg power. After that we had the T test which was to test our agility. Second to last was pull ups and press ups, these were very hard as the coaches were very strict with them.

Last of all was the bleep test, this was to test your overall stamina.

I managed to reach the bench mark in every test but not by much. I am hoping to improve on my fitness over the course of the next few months as we have another fitness test in February to see if we have improved. While we were doing this our parents were being lectured on diets, exercise and helping us achieve our goals.

My dad says I have had my last full fat coke !!!

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