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Kit Guide

Towing Toppers

By Dave Cockerill 2nd October 2020

Towing Toppers

Toppers should not be towed 'Daisy Chained'. One behind the other puts a great deal of pressure on the front boats in the line and there are no fixing points that are strong enough. With this in mind, and because the safety of 300 plus Toppers at events requires groups of Toppers being towed, the method in the diagram below has been devised. * Each sailor is required by the Sailing Instructions in the UK to have a tow rope with a loop in the endwhich is just long enough to reach the back of the Daggerboard case.Failure to do so could lead to disqualification. * Each support boat has a suitable floating tow-rope with carbine hooks at centres far enough apart to prevent the bow of the boat behind hitting the stern of the boat in front. * Sailors hook the loops (at the end of their painters) onto the carbine hook. They leave their daggerboards down to enable them to steer behind the support boat and away from their side of the towrope.

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