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Kit Guide

Topper Open Training (Haversham Sailing Club)

By 30th September 2020
On Saturday 18th February, the topper association held the topper open training hosted by Havesham Sailing Club, which I attended. It was an early start to the day by getting up at 7:00am. We soon left with my topper on the roof rack. Once we got to the club the wind was fairly constant with a wind speed of 20 knots, gusting about 35 knots and after we went for a jog and warmed up I was very eager to get out on the water and get sailing!! I thought that looking at the wintry conditions, I would need to wrap up warm for the weather! So I got out my rooster kit for the job. I wore; Rooster Poly-pro kit, Rooster Aqua Fleece, Shin-Tech Long Johns (with hiking pads as that would be what I would be doing!), Rooster Neoprene Boots and my Rooster Buoyancy Aid. However I think I might need to invest in a Aqua Fleece Hat, as lots of people have said that it keeps your head rather toasty!! During the training I learnt lots of useful tips for my sailing and I also found out my weaknesses and what I need to work on to improve my sailing. One of the things outlined that I need to improve on is my hiking style, the coaches said that if you're body is ridged and your bum is nearly touching the water then you are using lots of energy and you will not keep the boat flat. Also you might hurt yourself as your back will be in an awkward position and this might effect your sailing later on in life. Here is a diagram that I drew to demonstrate this:

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