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Kit Guide

Topper Bimbles - Easy Adjust Outhaul Topper

By Jake Bowhay 2nd October 2020

As I begin my transition into the Laser Radial I thought I would share some of my Topper rigging tips. The first of which shall be the easy adjust outhaul. This is particularly easy to do and allows the outhaul to be adjusted without having to lean all the way into the boat to un-cleat it. Also it makes it much easier to control how much line you let out. To perform this upgrade all you have to do is lengthen the piece of rope which attaches the turning block to the boom. This allows the block to swing down which uncleats the rope when you pull the control line down. It is very important that you have a rope loop aft of the cleat to act as a fair lead. To reduce the amount of rope in the boat but still allow there to be enough travel in the secondary line so that you can reef the sail as per the class rules attach the other end of the secondary as far forward as possible (remember it has to be easy releasable). This means when you release this end you still get the same amount released but you don't have to pull as much in when you are sailing normally. In my case I have a spliced loop which goes through the holes in the goose neck. A boggle in the end of the line secures the rope through the spliced loop but is easily released. I also now just use a boggle instead of a handle as it is shorter.

If you have any question feel free to leave a comment and I will try to help. Stay tuned for my next blog where I will explain how to make my renowned class legal locking retractable painter system (I'm working on a catchier name).

Plastic tube for handle


Harken 18mm Carbo T2 soft-attach block

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