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Kit Guide

My Top 5 Rooster Products - 5th

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020
 ROOSTER MESH BAG/BACKPACK You may be surprised to find out that in 5th place on my list of Top 5 Products is my Mesh Bag as it is my most used item of Rooster Kit that is currently almost unknown by the sailing public. Perhaps its a bit of a niche product, as I do not see many about, but when I come across a user, they normally tell me how useful the bag is. How I Use the Rooster Mesh Bag/Backpack: When I go to an event with my iconic Rooster Carry All, I always pack spares and extra bits that I am not sure I will use. However, by the time I nip to the changing rooms, I am pretty sure what kit I will need to wear to cope with the conditions. I easily stuff them into my nice dry Mesh Bag and carry the much lighter bag to the changing room. I put my shore side clothes back into the Mesh Bag ready for after racing - remembering to leave my quick drying Regatta Towel and shower gel on the top. After showering, I stash all the wet stuff back in the mesh bag to take home; if necessary, I hang the bag up to drain if the gear is really wet. At the same time I can carry the wet gear home on my back as one side of the Mesh Bag is water proof, making it easy to sling over your shoulder to take home on your bike or drop in the back of my car. Rooster Regatta Towel - Quick Drying When all the kit has been pulled out to wash or dry (thanks to the washing fairy), the Mesh Bag dries very quickly so it is ready to receive the dry sailing kit for the next days sailing.

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