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Kit Guide

Top 10 Fathers Day ideas for a Boat Fanatic

By Steve Cockerill 2nd October 2020
If Fathers Day is an excuse to give the man in your life something special (do you need an excuse :-D ), but you have no clue what he might want or need, then Rooster's free returns might come as a welcome bonus. If you need some help, I have listed some of the 'out of the ordinary' items that I currently treasure: Spicing Kit Bag - as you can see, mine is well used. If he has some spicing bits and bobs already, then this is a great way to get him in a tidy mode. If he is new to splicing, then the Splicing Combo Deal will be a cheaper way to buy. Aquafleece Rigging Coat - As we get older, we feel the cold more, especially whilst rigging and de-rigging in the evening races. It might even be useful when he is putting the bins out in the rain or watching from the side - heaven forbid. Wide Brimmed UV Hat - if he is like me and starting to go thin on top - then this is my go-to hat in the summer sun. Perhaps it goes with age, I really don't care what I look like - I just need some shade! 8-) T3 Harken Ratchet - my tired arms need some help - this extra grip ratchet block might save some of the aches and pains after sailing. Then again - he still needs sympathy too. :-D I used the 1.5X Grip Ratchamatic for the RS800 and its a revolution. Rooster Water bottle - OK not the biggest present ever, but it does make a statement that you are keen that he stops using disposable bottles #savetheplanet. #itsthethoughtthatcounts. Laptop Backpack - clearly a well thought out solution :idea: for all men who need a man bag, but like it to be disguised as a laptop bag. ;-) Microfibre Quick Drying Towel - if he is like me :oops: - disorganised and needs a quick dry solution - then this is a must. If you want him to keep his wet sailing kit safely, then the Roll Top Welded Dry Bag is ideal. The bonus is it can hold in the smells too! :-P Boat Whisperer DVD's now with a Digital Download option here.... the no more excuses option. ;-) I cannot say that I treasure them, but they took lots of my time to learn and produce - they are well worth watching. Superdocious - Rodney Patterson's Racing Incites - a good read I am told. Hint, hint... Not available from Rooster sadly.

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