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Time for a Change

By Ian Baillie 2nd October 2020
Last Wednesday was the last evening race for this year and it seems to have come just too quickly. It has suddenly become quite dark very soon after we finished and driving home in the dark seems quite strange. Still, in a few months driving in daylight will seem odd so I'll not complain. mps I have also decided to change classes for next season and because there are only a couple of Laser events left, both of which are over the next two weekends, I'm going to change now and do the falling in the water bit while the temperature is still reasonable. I'm picking up a Musto Skiff in the next few days and am quite excited and nervous at the same time but really looking forward to the challenge. There were plenty of reasons for choosing a Skiff, one of the main ones being the strength of the class here in Scotland and the north of England. I already know most of the Scottish guys having sailed against them in various classes and at Dalgety we have Ian Renilson, top Brit at the last Worlds, who has promised to teach everything he knows. I think Ian is quite keen to get a training partner too but it may be a wee bit before I can keep up. Still, he'll learn loads just explaining things to me. I had found myself getting a bit stale this year, I think partly because I missed quite a few Laser events due to work or family commitments and it is the Laser racing that keeps me keen and makes me want to sail the boat. But I do find the Laser a very easy boat to sail and I was needing to challenge myself on the sailing part, and I know the Skiff will do that. It's going to be a steep learning curve, I can trapeze, having crewed Fireballs and 470s, and sailed a Contender for a couple of years. I have also sailed asymmetrics but mostly as a helm, so putting it all together is going to be a challenge and probably provide a bit of amusement for spectators. I am used to mad boats though, having sailed the RS300 for 10 years and although the Skiff is a different sort of mad, I know I can crack it. Well mostly, because there will always come a time when the boat will win!

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