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the waiting is finally over!!

By Ryan Wilkinson 30th September 2020
This weekend Hamish and I went down to Castle Cove in Weymouth harbour to launch and train in 'Executrix'.The boat is just fantastic. DAY 1 We got down early Saturday morning and after a bacon and egg butty, we got started on the boat set up. We spent the weekend with Adam Bowers of ABC racing, who has coached me in cadets from a tiny crew in the RYA National Junior Squad, to one off days/weekends as a helm; he is fantastic; everybody should understand the forth corner! We spent a few hours on kite and pole systems, rigging, masts (as we have three now) and sails. It's a bit boring and we wanted to go sailing, however I know it must be done and is so important for when you get out on the water. No excuse for gear failing when on the water. We launched after lunch and went on the water with Adam for a few hours. This is us launching and trying not to scrape the foils. photo 1 Here is a shot of us in the afternoon working on tacks - thanks for getting in the way dad! photo 2 I loved how the boat goes and sits fantastically in the water. All in all a great day, then off for curry and to watch England v South Africa. DAY 2 We joined in the Castle Cove handicap race in the morning which was fun if not very wet. We sailed around with merlin rockets, fireballs and a gypsy moth..... problem was they make you feel slow. We came 13 out of 20 - all adult sailors apart from us, so we were really pleased. Here is us ready for the race on Sunday morning, after prep with Adam. photo 3 Looking forward to Rutland this weekend for NJS training and sailing with the other cadets. Dont miss out on the 25% off discount on the web site for Christmas stocking filler presents. Have fun on the water Ryan

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