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That Sinking Feeling

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020
With just the briefest of references to the brilliant Bill Forsyth film of the same name, there was a definite sinking feeling at Largo Bay last Saturday when we turned up for a combined Laser and RS400 one day regatta. It was all looking good with the sun shining after a foggy week on the east coast and a very nice 4 or 5 coming in from the east. You do get some very nice waves at Largo in an easterly, although they don't quite line up with the wind as they start to bend into the bay, which can make runs a bit awkward. This was my first sail of the year, I've been delayed due to family commitments, so I was rusty. I kind of felt I didn't really race so much as sail round the course trying not to fall in or hurt too much. But down wind was great, and I didn't fall in which was nice because even in the best Rooster kit, the water is still cold up here and it won't warm up for about another month. So the sinking feeling? It wasn't my boat but the committee boat, which popped a sponson and started to flood. The race team were up to their knees in water and the race results were floating out the back, so I suppose the PRO didn't have much option but to abandon the race. Then unfortunately, we were below the rescue boat number limit, so that was it, we had to go home. It wasn't the easiest time to come ashore either. Because we were coming in early, the tide was full and the waves were dumping onto the beach. I've seen much worse but it wasn't very nice and there was some damage, including a 400 mast, but no one was hurt and no one else sank. And although it was still as windy, the fog and rain was rolling back in again. Anyway, the next Laser event is at my home club, Dalgety Bay on the 24/25th May, where we have ordered perfect weather and definitely a floating committee boat.

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