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Testing the Race Armour Deck Pads, Honest, First-Hand Review - Sam Mabey

By Rooster Sailing 2nd October 2020


Like a lot of keelboat sailors I have sailed/raced dinghy's in the past but I wouldn't say I have a particularly strong background by any means, so when I acquired some Rooster Race Armour Deck Pads that are designed to fit into my Technical Shorts, it was a relatively new bit of kit to me - when you start to talk about protective padding on keelboats. Those that know me know that during the sailing season I am constantly moaning about and uncomfortable bum while sailing due to constant exposure to salt, abrasive decks, days without a shower and so on. I recall one Cowes week after 3 consecutive regattas being unable to sit or even walk (more of a waddle at that point) without being in extreme pain and had the Fastnet race approaching the following week, so Sudocrem became my best friend. But I realised, that doesn't need to be the case...

My first thought,

How obvious will these Deck Pads look when they're in the shorts? They're a really strong shock and impact enhanced NBR foam, are they going to be super noticeable meaning I might want to take them off after racing and will I be able to pull them off? So I decided I'd try them whilst racing early season in France to make my decision.

Quelle Surprise,

They weren't that noticeable at all, they did take a bit of getting used too but eventually, you forget you're wearing them. On the racecourse they were great, they really don't take on any water and they sort of mould to your shape. Sitting on the rail or any other surface you may land on was quite comfortable and it made a very noticeable difference to my comfort while racing. Sailing, in general, is an uncomfortable sport your always wet, tired, too cold, too hot and sometimes a bit unwell so in my opinion anything to make your race/trip more comfortable is definitely worth having!

In summary

I would highly recommend this addition to your rooster sailing shorts whether your inshore/ offshore racing or on a delivery, make it easier for yourself.

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