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Team Rooster and the Dinghy Show

By 30th September 2020
Hello. My name is Daniel and I am delighted to be a new part of Team Rooster! I am a 14 year old Topper sailor and am in the Topper National Intermediate Squad, while having been in the Topper South East Zone Squad last year. However, Toppers are quite small for me now, so I am in the process of transitioning to a more suitable and exciting Laser Radial, while continuing my Topper sailing. The fact I compete in hiking boats makes be part of Team Rooster a blessing, as in my opinion, Rooster Pro Hikers are the best out there and have made my windy days a pleasure and not a pain! Yesterday, I attended the RYA Dinghy Show in Alexandra Palace, and I would thoroughly recommend going next year as it was a fantastic show. Basically every kind of dinghy you could imagine was on display, from a beautiful wooden GP14, to a sharp 49er and everything in between. Many interesting talks by Olympians took place, including Nick Thompson on starting, and the Match Race girls on what the whole Olympic experience was like. Of course, Rooster's stand was pretty much the biggest and busiest, with new products on display. A huge gaggle emerged in a particular corner of the stand containing the SuperTherms, and when I managed to catch a glimpse, they looked absolutely fantastic and definitely one to get if you're prone to getting cold or taking unexpected dips in the UKs tropical waters! In one area, a trapezing apparatus was set up, and it was a rather amusing experience, having never trapezed before. I now give anyone who trapezes a lot more credit, as I found out it was much harder than it seems! Just to rub it in, a 29er sailor decided he would do a handstand on the side of the apparatus and then hop from hand to hand, as if it were second nature. I think I better stick to helming a Radial! A pool was also set up with fans along one side, offering a chance to try model yachting. A mock race was held, which I was winning until t-boned by a boat I was lapping! If you're new to sailing, or have been sailing your whole life, I would definitely recommend the Show and the Rooster stand, as there was always something to learn, and mainly, a lot of fun to be had. Daniel

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