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Team Rooster

By Stuart Hudson 2nd October 2020

I'm Stuart and I joined Team Rooster this year. I sail Fireflies but you'll also see me on the Laser Masters Circuit.

Looking forward to this weekend and traveling down to Cornwall for the Firefly South Westerns down at Restronguet S.C. which I'm sure a lot of you all know and love.

Tip for spreaders on Fireflies - on my Rondar currently set at 325mm length and 125mm rake (measured back of mast to elastic between shrouds)

This weekend I'm taking my wooden boat - if you have a wooden boat then the shroud points are further in so spreader length should be shorter also - I'm set up for this weekend at 310mm length and similar deflection to above - we'll see how it goes! and I'll try and do a short report for the blog.

Firefly Nationals this year at Tenby SC 6th - 12th August.

Good sailing wherever you are this weekend....

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