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Summer Holidays, Optimist Late Summers Champs & Barts Bash!!!

By Jenna Snedker 2nd October 2020

This Summer holiday has been very busy! From Optimist sailing, paddleboarding with my Mum, sailing in our Feva with my Dad and finally just messing about in the water with my twin brother :-D. I would like to say thank you for my Thermflex Longjohn and my Aeromesh Cap which was so good for the Summer when it is hot!



Youth Race Week was a good week of fun. I was in Gold fleet with my friends. Here is a little summary of each day. It was mostly force two to four, perfect conditions all week.

DAY 1 - In the first race, I had a very bad start but managed to tack off and get clearer air. The Optimist Silver fleet started on the same start line with me but did one less lap than Gold. That day I came 3rd and 2nd.

DAY 2 - The first race I came 3rd and the second race I came 3rd again. Very hard that day because the wind was very shifty.

DAY 3 and 4 - On day four, in the first race I had an ok race coming 3rd again and on the second race I had a very bad race coming last. On the last day, I got 3rd but on the last race I came 1st!! Overall, I was a bit upset but had learnt a lot throughout the week thanks to my Dad.

After Youth Race Week, I had some training with a very good coach along with Rosie and Libby my sailing friends. Every time I have these coaching sessions it really helps me to improve.

Next came the Chichester Optimist Open with 18 boats to compete against. We travelled there in my family's motor boat with Libby, Rosie and myself being towed behind in our Optimists. There was a force 4/5 for the first race, which picked up for the last race of the day and I managed to get up to 7th place. Unfortunately, I fell back to 12th place. So overall, I did not perform at my best, coming 14th place. However, I enjoyed the late afternoon tea which was really tasty. We had a very wet ride back to the sailing club.


After the long Summer break it was time for the IOCA Late Summer Championship at HISC.This was my very first big event with 170 Optimists.

On Saturday it was extremely windy - force 6 with rain and also very big waves. The visibilty was bad as well but later cleared. I found the first race very hard and capsized downwind, however I still managed to finish but got whiskeyed and finished 66th. I did not complete the second race, as I filled up with water. Going back to the club was fun but scarey at the same time and going over the Hayling Bar it was 30 knots, with even bigger waves. A memorable sail for everyone.

Sunday was the calm after the storm bringing clear skies and light winds of force 2 to 3. Sea mist meant that the postponment flag was up for an hour before we could launch. Once we sailed out to the course, the postpoonment flag was up again - more delays! In the first race I came 64th which was good and in the second race I came 61st, finishing the weekend 140 out of 170. I still felt good because it was my first major Optimist event.

And finally, I sailed in Barts Bash at HISC this weekend. There were 137 boats in the event and Iain Percy and Sir Ben Ainslie sailed the race too! My Optimist friends, Alice, Agnes and myself, beat them :-P I came 3rd overall in Barts Bash. Here is a photo of us with Sir Ben Ainslie!


I have one more event before winter trainning starts at HISC, the Volvo Optimist end of Season at Rutland Sailing Club on 8th and 9th October.

Until next time...

Jenna Snedker

GBR 6164


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