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Strathclyde go to Lochore

By 30th September 2020
Last weekend the Strathclyde University team racing teams descended on Lochore. This was the second of 3 weekends racing to decide which Scottish teams would qualify for the British Finals and was being hosted by Edinburgh University. Having raced well in the previous weekend my team (Strath White) were in the top league a.k.a. “Super Gold” and our goal was to stay in this league. On Saturday morning car loads of dreary-eyed university students started arriving at Lochore and racing started to commence. Unfortunately there were some very large gusts which resulted in many capsizes and racing being cancelled until the next day. Disappointingly for us we were one of the few teams which didn’t get any racing. On the Saturday night it was the popular fancy dress event and this weekend the theme was music videos. Our team decided dress up as Lady Gaga in the song Telephone which consisted of a blue hat made out of cardboard with telephone and dial attached, beige top, beige leggings and yellow “Crime Scene” tape wrapped around us. It is safe to say we were the best dressed team there! Sunday was when the competition got serious for us. With the winds a perfect 10-15 knots we got in the boat and started racing. We found super gold quite a challenging league to be in and only won 1 out of 4 races in our first round. Luckily for us we were still placed 4th so stayed in super gold and didn't need to go into play-offs. image The next round commenced with some good races. I am the pin starting boat and had a great start coming out in 1st place. Unfortunately for us the other boats in my team were in positions 5 and 6 and despite my best efforts on the reach and downwind I couldn't convert them into a winning combination. The next race was better as during some tight racing at the windward mark I was coming up on the port lay line and luckily a boat on starboard decided to tack below me instead of forcing me to tack. Unfortunately for them, as they tacked it resulted in them capsizing and so being disqualified for that race. We then went on to win that race and stay in super gold. As we have managed to stay in super gold after some more races we are currently in line to qualify for BUSA finals. We are away racing again this weekend at Lochore (if it isn't frozen) so fingers crossed we manage to keep our position! Sophie Taylor Strath White

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