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Kit Guide

Starting to Think About an Australian Summer

By 30th September 2020
Hello, For those that don't know us we are an Australian part of Team Rooster. Charlotte and I have been part of Team Rooster in the Tasar for about 7 years now but moved to Australia 5 years ago. We still sail a Tasar here but now get to sail in a lot warmer waters! The Tasars have their worlds coming up here in Australia in January at a place called Busselton. Busselton is a 3 hour drive south of Perth. For us living in Melbourne it's too big a drive to get there so we put our boats in containers and will fly over. There are rumours that we could be expecting 100 boats which will make for a very exciting event. Our season has just started with everything planned building up to the worlds. With warm weather this weekend (20 degrees and a warm wind) I thought it would be useful to share some thoughts on what we wear over here in the hot weather. The reason for writing this is that it is going to be a busy summer here with not only the Tasar worlds, but the Mustos, I14s and B14s travelling here for their worlds. I've found that the best piece of kit for an Australian summer if there is wind is the Thermaflex top. You don't notice the wind and if it gets wet you don't get cold either. This works as a top layer for me over a rashie but Charlotte prefers the Aquafleece. I find that the Aquafleece gets too hot in the sun. The other essentials are a good pair of sunglasses. You really notice the glare off the water here and have found that they have become an essential piece of kit. I never wore them in the UK but do now every time we go sailing. If anyone is thinking of coming out for their Worlds I'd be more than happy to answer any questions. We've sailed at Geelong and McCrae quite a lot so like to think that we could give some insider advice! Thanks for reading, Pete and Charlotte
Copyright Rivoli Bay Sailing Club Copyright Rivoli Bay Sailing Club
Copyright Rivoli Bay Sailing Club Copyright Rivoli Bay Sailing Club

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