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Spinnaker Halyard, Basket of Snakes to Piece of Cake

By Rooster Sailing 2nd October 2020
Ellie and I just returned from the RS Games, Feva Europeans. It was great sailing in such a large fleet and working on our technique, chatting to sailors from all over Europe, plus a couple from the rest of the world. We were putting in some good results but were being hindered by the rigging… Every time we hoisted the spinnaker, the tapered Dyneema halyard looked like a basket of snakes, wreathing and twisting around themselves. We tried rethreading it and changing the recoil elastic, which seemed to clear the issue. We re-hoisted and it was the same, Ellie then did some demo hoists to see if we were doing anything wrong and it slithered into a real mess. We were by now really frustrated as we had lost valuable places due to this problem. When we came in, we took off the halyard, checked all the blocks and went to chat with Steve and the Rooster team on site, he had an idea what was causing it. Steve provided some magical golden string… seriously! He will be suggesting a snake charmer next. For the final day we had replaced the tapered halyard with Rooster Spinfast™ and had no issues whatsoever, it really is Magic!! I will not be going back to the tapered Dyneema as it is just not right for a Feva spinnaker halyard, I can, however, recommend Steve’s Magic String. Overall we finished 16th in our class with a 3rd place podium in the female team category. Katie B

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