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Special Saturday

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020

Every now and then we have a Special Saturday at Dalgety Bay Sailing Club. where we do some fun races. It's not specifically aimed at kids but they tend to be the ones who come, although there are some fun loving adults who have come along too. The rest don't know what they are missing. (Actually they do because plenty of pictures and comments are posted afterwards)

And, as happened yesterday, the best ones have been when there was next to no wind. Why? Maybe because the boat is easily controlled, feels safe, collisions don't hurt, you don't get cold, or maybe because yesterday I had a flag that meant when it was raised you could paddle, rock, pump, swim or do whatever you wanted to get your boat round the course. The Burn's family Mirror was transformed into galley slaves with Dad the slave driver calling the stroke. They were right up with Bahia too.

To add further interest, when the whistle blew, everyone had to do a 360 turn and someone asked if they could swim round the boat instead. Fine by me and the Opi girls thought this was great, except they couldn't get back in their boats and had to get some of the other competitors to help them is. Just in time for the whistle to sound and they jumped in again.

We finished off with the ball case race. The rescue boat throws a bag of 50 balls into the water and you collect, steal, fight for as many as possible.

We had a really great time and I went through 2 bags of Haribo and Jelly Babies, so it must have been popular.

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