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Spanish Impulse - inspiring the next generation.

By Rooster Sailing 2nd October 2020

Cover Photo © Fatima Diz

If you are a follower of our Facebook Page, you may have noticed some excitement surrounding the Spanish Red Bull Youth America's Cup team - Spanish Impulse. We've teamed up with Rooster Sailing Spain to kit them out with some great Rooster products listed at the bottom of this feature.

The story of how the Team was created is incredibly inspiring and demonstrates that anything is achievable if you set your mind to it. You don't need to speak Spanish to see how stoked these guys are to be in Bermuda and how much they are enjoying themselves. They've worked extremely hard to be there and have been brilliant at sharing their journey with us via their Facebook page, taking the time to thank their supporters every step of the way.

They are a great team of extremely talented sailors with a wonderful attitude to go with it, and they were more than happy to answer a few questions from our young Team Rooster sailors.

diego-botn-n09kzh7g2kqgyhnk3fjeamez6r7ef0mvrdoz1txhxo Diego Botin - Photo © Fatima Diz
Diego Botin, Tactician for Spanish Impulse, answers our Team Rooster sailor's questions... Q. What has been your worst mistake in a race and how did you learn from it? Rory Williamson, age 13, Topper

A: "My worst mistake was when I lost my concentration and focus during a race due to nerves. When I realized the cause, I started working on it. It still happens though, but I can control them better than before."

Q. Do you all get on well with each other? Rory Williamson, age 13, Topper

A: "Yes! It's funny as we are all very different but we share the same goal and have lots of enthusiasm. This makes us work hard towards the same objective. Working together on something that's been a big dream for us all, makes us get on very well with each other."

17311377_1215077918605580_1073678907519729297_o Photo © Tomas Moya

Q. How were you chosen for the Spanish Impulse team - did you have to apply or did you get selected? Charlie Cadin, age 14, Laser Radial

A. "Jordi Xammar, who went to the Olympics in Rio, started the project. He began by calling people he thought would fit in well on the team and I was one of those people who received a called :-D ."

Q. What happens when you capsize? Can you right it by yourselves or do you need a rib? Charlie Cadin, age 14, Laser Radial

A. "Good question! You don’t just need a rib, you need a very powerful one! Haha... those boats weigh 1,290–1,320kg (2,840–2,910 lb)!!"

Q. How do you ensure that you're able to sail the final beat in the last race of a regatta with as much energy as the first beat on the first day? George Finch, age 24, National 12

A. "Your fitness goes down during a regatta day, so you need to ensure that you keep hydrated and you eat between races. One thing that helps me especially is to think of how I would feel at the end of the day. If I want to feel happy thinking that I gave everything I could in the last race, I will fight for each minute even if I’m exhausted. That gives me an extra push!"

17547033_1238252722954766_5667169578398810979_o Photo © Fatima Diz

Q. How did you first start sailing and what made you want to win the Red Bull Youth Americas Cup? Finian Morris, age 10, Optimist

A. "I started sailing because my dad had a dinghy and I wanted to learn how to sail it by myself, so I started sailing in an Optimist and then in different classes.

The America’s Cup is a goal I've had since I was little, and the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup is a great step to achieve that goal. However, it's not only the goal that is important but the journey. All the things we are learning with the team, with the different catamarans we are sailing - it's amazing. You should also start dreaming about it! :-D "

Q. What is the best piece of advice that someone ever gave to you and how did it improve your sailing? Finian Morris, age 10, Optimist

A. "Have fun and love what you do, that will make you push harder and give your best."

17761218_1234183203361718_7532582897086379925_o Photo © Fatima Diz

Q. Is sailing an AC45 the best thing ever? Finian Morris, age 10, Optimist

A. "Best thing ever is a very big thing haha! I think the best thing of the Spanish Impulse project - more than sailing on AC45 (which indeed is amazing) - is to learn and have fun together as a team."

Q. On the water in a skiff, what is the best way to store food as this is proving difficult for me! What type of food do you recommend for quick but lasting energy? Sam Cooper, age 15, 29er

A. "I think the best thing is to eat a long-lasting meal before sailing (rice or pasta, veggies, some protein like chicken, fish…) and on the water have something that gives you quick energy like a banana, dates… You can carry them in your Buoyancy Aid easily, and don’t forget to drink lots of water, this is really important!"

Q. What is your favourite boat you have sailed? Robin Stein, age 12, Topper

A. "The 49er which is the boat that I’m sailing now. I went to the Olympics in Rio and I’m preparing for Tokyo 2020."

Q. What is your top tip for the start? Robin Stein, age 12, Topper

A. "Stay bow-to-bow and be at full speed before the boats around you, and don’t be in a congested part unless you want to tack early."

Q. What is your top tip for the race course? Robin Stein, age 12, Topper

A. "Go fast and if you have doubts of where to go stay with the fleet."

Q. What do you use for motivation in the morning? James Dowrick, age 20. Laser sailor & Feva Coach

A. "I find it'd very useful to remember my goals for the day."
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