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Sophie and Rachel 420 - Windy Day!

By Rooster Sailing 30th September 2020

Rachel and I haven't been able to do as much sailing in the past month as we had hoped. It had been too windy to sail the weekends before Christmas and one event was even cancelled! So when we went down to Largs on Sunday for the New Years race we were quite excited to get on the water. It also meant I could try out my new Rooster All Purpose sailing boots I got for Christmas and I now love them!

It turned out to be quite a windy day on the water with wind speeds of up to 30knots recorded! This wind strength combined with shifts and gusts made for some very interesting sailing with many boats capsizing. Rachel and I successfully got round the first 2 laps staying upright, I feel, only due to our communication skills as it got to the point where I had to tell Rachel to let out the jib as the main was fully out! Eventually, on the last lap, we did capsize. On righting of the boat my fingers slipped and I started to drift away from the boat. I ended up shouting to Rachel to stick her legs back so I could grab on to her and pull myself back towards the boat! After we got the boat back up right we realised we had lost a lot of ground compared to the other boats but we finished the race after a difficult upwind nonetheless. Further races were abandoned as the wind was forecast to pick up and so we headed back to shore.

Overall we had a fun race on the water and can't wait to sail again in two weeks at our squad weekend!


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