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Snatch an Hours Scorpion Training

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020
When you get into a new class, the first few months can be the most rewarding as the teamwork and technical bits come together. We marked ourselves as B- students last week with A for effort as we are still not sure when to pull the strings. A second re cut of the spinnaker and another alteration to the jib patten to allow it to take rake, and we were back on the water. With our heads still very much in the boat, our hoists and gybes are not yet slick, but there is lots of discussions who should do what both on and off the water. I am not sure if I enjoy the preparation and planning more than the sailing, but in the grey times of the year, having a series of great regattas to go to seems to brighten my days and give me something really positive to work towards. I doubt if we will ever stop sailing Lasers® but sailing a two person boat opens up much more opportunities to sail different classes throughout the year. Two person boats can sometimes be cliquey, but that's not true of the Scorpion class, which is probably why they had the biggest national two handed (non junior) class championships in the country last year. It might also be because the boat is just fun to race and we can make some Rooster Sails for it. With three Scorpions joining us at Hill Head for the season, we will have quite a fleet to race with in some of the best water on the South Coast. I hope we can manage the waves. We experimented with sitting far back on a fast reach with Sarah joining me with both feet in the aft toestraps at one point - the result felt very quick, but I am not sure I should be using my teeth to sheet in. We just need to try it out on the rest of the fleet to see if its quick or just a gimmick. P.S. I must put the camera somewhere else for the hoists - "does my bum look big in this?"

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