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Small boats to big boats!

By Mark Harper 30th September 2020
From September I have been making a transition that I didn't think I would. I moved to Southampton in September to go to Southampton Solent university, I am enjoying it greatly and love the south coast because there's water and boats! Before moving I was sailing my Laser Radial and was planning on moving up into Laser Standard, however since coming to uni I decided to give yacht sailing more of a go competitively so I went to the Solent yachting trails, after completing the trails and becoming very keen to be on the team I was chosen to be on the Solent yachting team for 2015. The yachting team consists of 8 sailors on a Beneteau First 40 yacht; we are training for the BUCS nationals that covers 4 days of racing against other universities in the Solent from Port Solent in Portsmouth at the start of April. Last weekend I completed my first training for the team and my role is trimmer no.2, so it involves pulling in the jib on the new side through the tacks and then handling the trimming of the spinnaker downwind, while communicating with the other trimmer and the skipper. From now on I will be blogging about things that I have learnt on the yacht and how I progress through my yacht racing experiences. I still have my Laser and Fireball for when I go back home, but for now my dinghy sailing kit is staying in the cupboard and my yacht sailing kit is growing more and more, so in the future I maybe looking at trying some different Rooster items that I am not used to.
On the way back from a good days racing. Featuring 'The Bowman'. On the way back from a good days racing. 'Featuring 'The Bowman'.
My next blog will be about learning points, observations and my first weekend. Stay tuned! Tom Charter

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