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Sharks, snakes, dolphins and quokkas!

By 30th September 2020
It has been an exciting week of training in Fremantle on the west coast of Australia. There has been a variety of conditions to train in, anything from 5 knots to 25 knots. I have also seen a lot of wildlife this week!! I saw a slightly disturbing story about the local area on the news recently. It would seem that there has been an increase in sharks due to a dead whale carcass which has been floating not too far from where I have been sailing. It was here in Fremantle 2 years ago that I saw my first shark and I'm hoping never to see my second! There are lots of dolphins about and every time I see one my heart skips a beat as they look a lot like a shark from a distance!httpv:// Despite the shark stories I have been training hard alongside the British Team and I have been fortunate enough to benefit from some coaching from Sarah Blanck. Sarah represented Australia in the Radial in the last two Olympics, finishing in 4th place in both. The focus of the training was mainly downwind and on one of the days we towed up wind for 2 hours so that we could just concentrate on downwind technique. After about 4 hours of sailing downwind my legs were pretty sore from crouching but my technique had certainly improved! The majority of training has been in moderate to strong winds and steep choppy waves. I have found these conditions particularly challenging as I'm definitely not at my fittest, strongest or heaviest at the moment. Thinking positively though, at least I have room for improvement! On my day off I ventured over to Rottnest Island with my house mate and fellow British Radial sailor, Hannah Snellgrove. Rottnest is a 25min ferry ride from Fremantle and is home to the cutest little animal, the Quokka. I also saw a snake and several lizards, one which I almost stood on and another which Hannah and I nearly ran over on our bikes, whoops! Coming up I have the Perth 2010 test event to look forward to which starts on Tuesday. Its a 13:00 start for the first 2 days then 09:00 for the next 2 days. I don't think I have ever started a race at 9am before, think i will have to down a few espressos before I launch! Wish me luck!

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