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Scottish University sailing at its finest!

By 2nd October 2020
It has been a while since my last post so a quick update is needed. I have been involved in both dinghy and yacht uni sailing. I would also like to thank Rooster for the Rash vest and boat stickers they sent me!
Strathclyde White at Finals Strathclyde White at Finals
Team Racing- First of all our Team racing team, Strathclyde White, managed to qualify for the BUSA finals which happened in Nottingham in April. This was after two League weekends which happened back to back at the end of January/early February which was pretty tough going. The Monday after the 2nd one was certainly not a productive day at Uni! The venue was meant to be Loch Ore again however during the week it froze over. Alas on Saturday morning we rocked up to Royal Tay Yacht Club after a massive logistical effort from the organizers. For many it was their first experience of team racing with tide which certainly made mark traps interesting. Some pretty close racing meant it came down to the last two races to qualify for finals. I managed to sweep a boat up on the downwind leg which let a teammate through. This coupled with a solid first meant we won! Woohoo!
All Scottish Teams All Scottish Teams at Finals
We then spent 3 days at the finals which were held in Nottingham. The racing was of a much higher standard than normal and we finished 27th. In particular we noticed a massive difference in the quality of the starts. We did have some good close races towards the end of the weekend. However this event caused the Scottish sailors to make up a new song to keep morale up that went: "Oh if the Leeeeagues turned upside dooown, we're at the toooop and you're at the bottoooom, Oh if the Leeeeeagues turned upside dooown, Oh if the Leagues (oh if the leagues) Turned upside down (turned upside down)" and repeat! On the up side it was sunny which made great "shoe golf" conditions which is a renowned game for Scottish student sailors which involves kicking your shoe to a certain object with golf rules in force. It is usually played when there is a lack of wind. Various gymnastic positions were also attempted!
Shoe Golf - 1st hole Shoe Golf - 1st hole
SUSA Gymnastics -(trying to occupy ourselves on shore) SUSA Gymnastics -(trying to occupy ourselves on shore)
BUSA Yachting-We managed to have enough capable sailors to send two teams - a first for Strathclyde! This meant I got on a team in the position of pit 2 on a First 40. Our team were relatively inexperienced with the oldest member on board being just 20 and having an 18 year old on the helm! We were also a very light crew. Throughout the week we gradually improved as we got used to working together as a team and completing manouvres as we had never trained on a boat larger than a 707 before! With a £3000 damage deposit to worry about we were very nervous at times. The most interesting time was when we had a few unplanned gybes near a container ship while we were next to another boat that was broaching. All caught on camera! A week of windy races put us into silver fleet. In our last race we managed to gain get a 2nd in silver also beating the majority of gold in the only light wind race which meant we finished the week on a high! In the end we finished 16th which we were pretty happy with. Till next year!
Strathclyde Yachting Team Strathclyde Yachting Team

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