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Salcombe Week Day 1

By Rooster Sailing 30th September 2020
Flight one started in <5knots and saw a general recall with 5 boats marked OCS. The leader ended up with a 1 minute lead round the windward mark, which, by halfway down the first run saw him lying 8th. This was first beat and run ably demonstrate the snakes and ladders that is Salcombe Merlin Week. The second flight kicked off at the traditional 14:30 time with @5-15knots to blow us around the estuary. The first mark saw the mighty General Lee take a tidy lead with Daisy at the helm and Uncle Jessie crewing. Oh how we all thought the orange fantastic would falter, but no, they pulled out from Steve Crook and Matt Calvert in Nora and Rich Admas/Chris Gould in Needlemakers. As the race developed, General Lee still led outside the infamous "Bag". But, Tom Stewart and Steve Hall in Stomper did one of those really counter intuitive things and sailed more under the lee of the bag, got the puffs first and cleverly maintained the boat on the plane while everyone else again did the norml bore away into Frogmore creek. By the time we got to Frogmore, Tom was battling Daisy/Uncle Jessie for first, having blasted past 4 boats with this manoeuvre, it was obvious really, hindsight hmmm. Finally as we beat back out from Frogmore, Tom snatched the lead from the Daisy, and looked to be off. But wait, no the way back to Black Rock The Mighty General Lee grabbed back the lead, and looked again unassailable! Still the final twist was yet to come, Uncle Jessie had, what can only be described as a senior moment, headed over to Batson Creek side. This lost them 3 places, and allowed Stomper into first, Toby and I through into second and Needlemakers into third. As ever great racing and all set for another Salcombe evening and more of the same tomorrow. Hmmmm, well maybe, but with a 3 knot wind forecast, we'll all be looking forward to the low making it our way for Tuesday!

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