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Kit Guide

Sailing Solutions™ by Rooster®

By Steve Cockerill 2nd October 2020

Busy 6 Months:

You might have noticed that Sailing Solutions™ now has a new logo which shows that it has teamed up with Rooster® to continue to offer Topper specialist parts. The Team at Rooster® have had a busy 6 months incorporating Sailing Solutions™ parts and specifications into Rooster®.
Sailing Solutions by Rooster®
We have been developing and improving (where we can) the range of products offered by Sailing Solutions™. Our Lower mast Dynema® Webbing Kit was one of the first to enter the racing scene. It seamed a sensible idea to take super wear resistant and strong Dynema®, sew it together with the strongest of sailmakers polyester thread and enable you to join the Dynema® with a rivet so you know it will not let you down when it matters.
Dynema® Webbing used on the new indestructible Lower Mast Webbing Kit - so why has it got a safety? Belt and braces?
There are many new and exciting products on the production line - with lots arriving at the Rooster HQ in the next couple of weeks with foil bags, bitz bags, transom protectors and more.... So you will see the new Sailing Solutions™ by Rooster® Logos appearing very soon. Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 18.12.00

New Toppers Available

The Rooster Team have prepared and sold 6 Toppers this summer, 4 of which have been with the exacting Sprint XL specification. The Sailing Solutions™ Sprint XL specification requires some specialised hull, foil and control lines preparation. Thankfully we had 'Yoda' along to offer the team his wealth of experience.
Yoda (AKA Dave Cockerill) - Offering advice to the Team
Standard "Harken Specification" and the Exacting Sailing Solutions™ Sprint XL Specification Toppers are available from our South Coast distribution centre in Fareham if you are keen not to leave any stone unturned in your preparation for Topper National or Regional Squad selection. Please call the sales line on 01243 389997 for more information. We have some great boats in stock!

New Website

For the last 6 months we have been operating the Sailing Solutions™ website alongside the Rooster® website. We have been working hard over the last 6 months to not only incorporate both sites together, but also to enable an even better shopping experience. By the start of October, we hope to launch our new mobile and desktop friendly website. You can be sure that we will be retaining the helpful hints and tips articles and videos that both Rooster® and Sailing Solutions™ are famous for.

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