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Rutland Water Sailing Club (Nationwide Series 4)

By 30th September 2020
The last of the Topper Nationwide series event was at Rutland Water Sailing Club on the 15th and 16th September which I attended. This event was a very serious one for me as this would be the last qualifying event for the Topper National Youth Squad which I want to get into and complete the training programme, so I knew that I needed to do well to be part of the team. The event didn't get off with a good start as in my first race I got a 45th. The second race was a bit better as I managed to get out at the front on the start and I got a 28th which was an improvement to my first race. My third race was a lot better as I managed to get a great start on the front row and I kept my position up the first leg, through-out that race I was determined to get a good result in the hope that it would bump my overall result up and in the end I got a 7th in the last race of the day. The second day swiftly arrived as I slept under canvas and it brought more wind!! I put my warmest gear on from rooster and got out sailing! My first race of the day was okay, however, I managed to capsize which took me back to a 39th position. After having my energy bars and stocking up on my drink supplies I knew that I had to pull some positions in my races., which happened as I got a 28th in the 5th race and a 20th in my 6th. Overall I came 54th out of 170, with a 45th,28th,7th,39th,28th,20th. I learnt a lot from this event, one of the things I learnt was that I could be at the front of the fleet and get a good result, which gave me more confidence in the national events for next year. I would like to congratulate Lawrence Logan who was 1st, Joseph Mullan who was 2nd and Harriet Ward who was 3rd and also 1st girl. I would especially like to thank the race officer for making great courses and making tough decisions, the safety officers for great safety cover the staff in the galley and Rutland Sailing Club for hosting such a great event.

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