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Rules - Just one to watch for

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020
Now that summer regattas are really getting going, I found myself turning to my rule book. Not to try and protest someone out - but more to offer some advice to another sailor who found themselves in a conflict on the water. The conflict was around the committee boat gate during a lap of the race and "do we have to give mark room on it." The fact that I did not have the answer to my fingertips goes to prove I am not one to study the rules to catch someone out, but that I should also do some catch up study once in a while. I don't want to be a sailor who shouts "overtaking boat keeps clear" or "mast abeam". So I peeled back the pages of my copy of "The Rules in Practice - 2009 - 2012 by Brian Willis" to find out how the rules acted in this situation. There - in black and white (well blue and white) was the situation I had been described. Many thanks to Wiley Nautical for their kind permission for allowing me to print this page from my copy of The Rules in Practice. Rule 18.2a is described above Perhaps its because we relate committee boats to start lines and my instinct might have been to try and shut out boat A. Having not come across this situation with so many leeward finishes it was definitely reassuring to refer to the book. Thanks to Brian Willis for making it seem so logical. After going through the process of asking for permission to use this diagram from the book, I was party to the excitement of the next edition of "The Rules in Practice 2013-2016" which is due to publish 14/9/2012. I am hoping that we might get some early "juicy bits" to discuss soon, as I understand we can't talk about them until the 1st September as agreed by ISAF. I am sure that there will be more in the media by then - but if I can get an interview with Brian for the record, I am sure it will spice up the winter reading - me included!!

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