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Kit Guide

RS800 Tweaks

By Steve Cockerill 2nd October 2020
800_rigging-1 Photo credit: Peter Mackin
After checking what is allowed and not allowed under the rules, I now feel free to share a couple of rigging changes I have done to my RS800. I had found it rather stressful trying to put the main's clew on the boom whilst pulling it up, whilst at the same time passing the Cunningham over the goose neck. Frankly, I did not want to chip my gelcoat. So I have been using a Rooster 80mmm Clew Strap in the place of the supplied polyester sewn loop which allows me to hoist the main to the top without pausing. 80mm-clew-strap To avoid the game with the Cunningham loop, I tied a Q lock around the mast below the gooseneck with some pure dynema which allows me to pass the knot through the Q-lok which locks off securely.
800_rigging-18 Photo credit: Peter Mackin
Now I have the nod that the Clew strap is legal - I can cut off the Polyester Strap which will make it easier to pass the outhauls' knot through the pressed eye whilst the clew strap is in place.
800_rigging-12 Photo credit: Peter Mackin
800_rigging-13 Photo credit: Peter Mackin
800_rigging-14 Photo credit: Peter Mackin
800_rigging-15 Photo credit: Peter Mackin

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