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Kit Guide

RS800 Ropes by Rooster

By Rooster Sailing 2nd October 2020

RS800 Rope Lengths - Rooster Ropes

Name Length Diameter Type Code
Jib sheet strop 3.4m 4mm Rooster Spectwelve (grey) 106500
Jib sheet 4.5m 6mm Rooster AllSpec Pro 106500
Spinnaker Sheet 12.7m 6mm Rooster AllSpec Pro 106500
Standard mainsheet 7.25m 9mm Rooster Polilite® 105411
5:1 Mainsheet 10m 9mm Rooster Polilite® 105411
New rear sheeting mainsheet 12m 9mm Rooster Polilite® 105411
Mainsheet strops 2.5m 4mm Rooster Spectwelve 106506
Boom strops (main) 0.7m 4mm Rooster Spectwelve™ 106500
Boom strops (kicker) 0.9m 4mm Rooster Spectwelve™ 106500
Continuous kicker 13.5m 4mm Rooster EasySplice Continuos Control Line 106500
Cunningham 13.5m 4mm Rooster EasySplice Continuos Control Line 105456
Cunningham tail 1m 4mm Rooster Spectwelve™ 105456
Tramp ties 3.6m 4mm Rooster Polyloc 105412
Toe Strap Ties 0.8m 5mm Rooster Polyloc 105412
Wing pin ties 0.3m 3mm Shockcord 105410
Jib fast pin ties 0.25m 3mm Shockcord 105410
Main/Spin halyard take up 1.8m 5mm Shockcord 105410
Trapeze front 5m 5mm Shockcord 105410
Trapeze back 6m 5mm Shockcord 105410
Control line take away 3.8m 5mm Shockcord 105410
Take away block tie 0.3m 3mm Rooster Polisprint 105456
Spinnaker sock tie 0.3m 5mm Shockcord 105410
Daggerboard Retainer 0.7m 5mm Shockcord 105410
Control line ties 0.2m 3mm Rooster AllSpec Pro™ 105456
Bowsprit launch line 3.2m 4mm Rooster Spectwelve™ 106500
Bowsprit / Spinnaker tack line 6m 4mm Rooster Spectwelve™ 106500
Spinnaker halyard 21.5m 5mm Spinfast 106500
Jib halyard 15m 4mm Rooster Halitec 102397
Main Halyard 21.5m 4mm Rooster Halitec 102398
Trapeze adjuster 1.6m 5mm Rooster Polyloc 105412

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