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RS300s at Prestwick

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020
We had some great racing at Prestwick last weekend as part of the GUL Grand Prix. The standard in Scotland has increased in depth quite rapidly due to the fleet at Prestwick, where they regularly get 6 or more out for club racing. Saturday was brilliant Prestwick conditions where the waves come rolling in and the sun was shining. We had 3 race winners too in some very tight racing. Sunday turned out to be a day where the sea breeze fought the gradient until neither won but again the racing was very close and competitive, despite the large windshifts. Upwind my speed was good, sometimes very good but down wind the speed switch was mostly off and I struggled but wasn't quite sure why. Neil Beveridge sailed a very solid series to win by a point from me. Dave McCardel was third and learnt much over the weekend including, don't pinch the 300 in waves and big risks can mean big losses. The Nationals at Pwelli are next and the Scottish boys are going to be fast.

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