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RS300 Scottish Series events

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020

I've raced in a couple of regattas over the past two weeks, both very different. Loch Tummel is an amazingly pretty Scottish loch and is one of the better lochs to sail in but not when there is a bit of northerly in the breeze. Graham Foster did a great job of getting in 5 races on the day but it was tricky and big windshifts and holes made it a difficult day. The locals found it hard too but were able to recover and cope better than those like me who normally sail on the sea. Maybe because they were used to it they accepted what was happening quicker than I could. Having said that, it was still the top sailors who were ending up at the front of the 200, 300 and 400 fleets. Very close racing and like so many smaller clubs Tummel give such a warm welcome to all their visitors.
Largo Bay is another small club that extends a fantastic welcome to visitors and it has been one of my favourite venues ever since I started going to events. We lost the Saturday racing due to too much wind but as so often happens at Largo, the Sunday was a light breeze and slightly off the shore. It is much flatter around Largo Bay so the shifts were not large and there were rain clouds too, which could be seen well away and made the shifts much more predictable. It was a "head out of the boat" day. It soon became apparent though that it was going to be a straight fight between myself and John Wilson and it all came down to the last race, with the winner taking home the Scottish Championship trophy. John got the better start and kept on my wind, he's done a load of team racing so knew just what to do. Up the second beat I just managed to cross him but I had taken a chance that I could get back across to the next shift before him. I didn't and John picked it up first and regained a lead he never gave up. I thought I was maybe a little bit quicker all day, mostly upwind but John had the better of me on the close boat on boat tactics, so ended up a worthy winner.

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