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RS300 Nationals

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020

The RS300 Nationals are about to get underway at Weymouth as part of the RS Olympics and I'm back at school and missing it. It's one of the drawbacks of being a teacher, you get nice long holidays but can't choose when.
But those who are there will be having a great time. We should get nearly 40 boats, which will be a record for the Nationals, not bad going when we have only 250 boats built and shows the commitment of those in the fleet to get out and sail.
This favourites this year will be Steve Bolland, who is the defending champion, Mike Bees, the current B14 champion and maybe Tim Keene, if the wind stays light.
Have fun, I'll be thinking of you as I try to amuse 4b tomorrow afternoon.

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