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By Louis Wright 2nd October 2020

On Tuesday the 19th of July Jamie and I travelled to Santander in Spain to compete in our last ever RS Feva event together, the RS Feva Worlds. As part of the UK Junior Squad, we had three days training before the event started to get used to the conditions and the area we were going to be racing in.

The qualifiers were challenging with very light winds. On the first day we had about 8 knots, which wasn’t bad. We had an average day with results of a 6th, 9th and a 15th. On the second day we had less wind and we struggled which meant we got a 7th and a 12th, which weren’t bad, but we were disappointed as it meant we qualified in 22nd, which was not ideal.

We had three days left of the event in Gold Fleet. We had to up our game to get into the top 10 as the starts were going to be more challenging. The third day consisted of a lot of waiting around in the heat. We finally launched at about 2 pm. We started well and rounded the windward mark in 6th but on the second beat the wind filled in on the left whilst we were on the right so we had a painful race going from 6th to 16th.

The fourth day did not look promising with only 2 knots out in the bay with no visibility, but the race committee were certain we would get a sea breeze and we did. We again launched at 2 pm with about 7 knots but we did not have a good day with results of a 37th, 5th, 49th and 19th. We managed to break our spinnaker outhaul system and our tiller extension in that one day.


On the last day we had a good breeze of around 10 knots and we were racing in the harbour but still we struggled and ended up with a 26th and 29th, which we were very disappointed with. Overall we finished 19th which weren’t too happy with but we learnt a lot from the event and enjoyed ourselves which meant in the end if you have a good time you have done well.

For Jamie and I it was the best two weeks of our lives as the racing and the atmosphere of it all was phenomenal. What a great fleet the RS Feva’s are!

We’ve been a great team, we’ve had our ups and downs but have continued to have fun and enjoy sailing together – thanks Jamie! Thanks also to our coaches Tim Rush and Chris Taylor and to our sponsors Rooster.

I am moving into a 29er and Jamie is going to do another year in the Feva as a helm.

Louis Wright

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