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RS Feva Worlds, Medemblik 2017 - by Katie Byne

By Rooster Sailing 2nd October 2020

I hope you all had a great Christmas with lots of Rooster goodies to unwrap. Hopefully the New year will bring more great sailing too.

I have been a little quiet with my posts this year as it has been a very mixed bag. The Feva Nationals in Torquay were fantastic - we finished 16th overall and 2nd ladies at what was a most amazing event with some really competitive and fun sailing. During the last race I fell badly in the boat, I finished the race but my knee was not working properly. Phoebe helmed in as I was in agony.

A few days later the pain subsided and I thought everything was ok until I blacked out at school. A cat scan revealed that a piece of cartilage in my knee had broken off and was stuck in between the two big bones. So with less than 8 weeks to the Worlds in Medemblik I was on the operating table, with the possibility of a 6 month recovery period.

My consultant said the operation was not as complicated as he expected and as soon as I could walk on my knee I could start to sail again. Well that was the gauntlet thrown! I was back in the boat in 4 weeks and went to the worlds on 2 crutches and morphine for the pain. I went to the first race on 1 crutch and no pain killers, by the end of the week the crutches were a thing of the past. The final day was really windy, we capsized on top of a wave whilst gybing, there was a crunch and the mast snapped. We went in and changed the mast, went back out and the second mast broke! I was also in great pain by the end of the last race. It was a lovely venue and we had a great time, but not really the results I would have liked. Noble Marine were very understanding and replaced both masts and also the hull which had cracked.

My recovery has been slower than I was hoping, I am now working with a physio to strengthen my glutes which are still quite weak. Phoebe and I are in the Feva National squad this year and have been enjoying training at various venues over the winter, my hiking is not brilliant but we are working on our overall fitness.


This year I am teaming up with my friend Ellie and we are starting to sail a 420. We did the open training over Christmas with Tim Rush at Draycote and discovered that we have quite a lot to learn and are looking forward to the next 420 open training at Datchet. I am also sailing the Feva with Phoebe so a really busy year ahead. My Rooster kit is wearing well, I higly recommend it!

Thank you to everyone at Rooster for the help and advice over what has been a challenging year. I am looking forward to a busy fun year in 2018.


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