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RS Feva Spring Championships Hayling

By Louis Wright 2nd October 2020

On the 19th of March, Jamie and I arrived at Hayling for the RS Feva Spring Championship. This was our first event of the season as the few events before had all been cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.

I was nervous for this event as we had not sailed together for about four weeks and not in a breeze since Christmas. Unfortunately, Jamie had been very ill the previous week and had still not fully recovered, despite this Jamie still sailed.

The first day averaged a steady 12 knots, with a bitter North Easterly wind.

Thankfully I was ready for the cold weather with my new PolyPro base layers. My Supertherms were in great condition, despite a hard season last year, and to cap it all off I had a new Pro Aquafleece and a pair of the latest Pro laced boots.

During the first race the tide was going out, so this had a big impact on the early boats racking up on the starboard end. We came 15th in the first race which we were a bit disappointed with but still happy. The conditions were the same in the second race but we took a risk and banged hard right resulting in an 8th in that race.

In the third race the tide had turned which made the conditions more difficult. In order to avoid being pushed over the line, we were a little over cautious on the start and ended up in the second row when the gun went, which meant we struggled to get clean air. We finished the third race in 24th.

At the end of the day we were lying 14th overall and felt ok with this result as we were not racing on top form but were hoping to try get into the top 10 the next day.

The following day had similar conditions to the day before. We had another chilly North Easterly breeze, which meant we all had to wrap up warm yet again. In the first race we had a good start and found clean air the whole way around which meant we finished in 5th. This boosted our confidence a lot but Jamie was not feeling great and his temperature was rising again and should probably have been in bed. In the 2nd race we started well but we went up the wrong side of the beat and started to lose out, crossing the line in 19th.

In the last race the tide was slack and the line was starboard bias, but within the last 30 seconds there was a huge left shift which left us in dirty air on the starboard end. We struggled to catch up and finished in 24th.

This taught us that within 1 minute and thirty seconds to the start it's better to hover near the middle of the line so that you have the option of starting on either the pin or committee boat end.

Overall we finished 14th, unfortunately we did not make it into the top 10 but we learnt a great deal and we are now training for the next event in Northampton.

In the Easter Holidays, Jamie and I are going on a school expedition to Slovinia to keep our fitness up ready for the next event.

Feva 4963

Louis Wright

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