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Rooster to Fly to a New Coop

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020
Two weeks ago we signed the lease on a much larger unit in Fareham to house Rooster's new distribution centre. We think we have the perfect location with more than 20 parking spaces, more than double the space to house our stock and allow us to improve our efficiency for the ever-growing trade and customer distribution of our UK designed dinghy sailing brand. Where in Fareham? M27 Junction 11, Fort Wallington Industrial Estate. It's simply the closest industrial estate with ample parking from the motorway. It takes just 3 minutes from the front door to joining the M27 at Junction 11. It also avoids traffic chaos of the Central and West Fareham junctions as it's just a quick loop around the first viaduct roundabout, up Pinks Hill to the Fort Wallington entrance. Will Rooster still be open in Emsworth after the move date? Sadly no. We will move the distribution store, customer pick up point and stock to Fareham where we will have ample room for everything. We will however, continue to keep the same telephone numbers by some act of magic by BT. When will Rooster's new centre be open? Sometime in early July, it's all BT dependant - you'll know the score if you have ever moved but don't worry we will keep you updated; it would be wise to check our website if you plan to collect your order but don't forget our free postage option at Rooster :) Will you experience any delays in posting dates? We have the logistics team working hard to ensure you will not even know it has happened!

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