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Rooster ThermaFlex- Kayaking Test

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020
  • Date 3rd to 10th August 2013
  • Test suit, the New Rooster ThermaFlex Long John
  • Location- Isle of Scilly, 28 miles SW of Lands End.
  • Expedition Organisers- Sea Kayaking Cornwall
  • Weather- Typical British mixed summer weather, a bit of everything!
  • Tester – David Johnson, 51 years of age, Intermediate Kayaker
In action, a week circumnavigating the Isle of Scilly- The material is considerably more flexible and stretchy than a traditional Wet Suit; the fit due to the elasticity of the material is snug without being tight and it is much easier and quicker to put on and off. Paddling was comfortable, the Long Johns never rubbed, pinched or cut into me, and I remained perfectly comfortable for a whole days kayaking. My body temperature, when paddling? I remained neutral all day, never overheating or dehydrating, I was impressed and it does make the ThermaFlex ideal for Summer kayaking. When the weather changed from the perfect sunny and calm Force 2 and 20 deg C to the Force 5, windy and wet I did slip on a Rooster Hot Top and short sleeve spray top to remain the warm side of neutral. The combination worked well. For my roll practice I wore the Rooster ThermaFlex Long John and a Hot Top. I was properly in the water for about 30 minutes, swimming! as well as rolling before I retired back to the beach, partly from exceeding beyond my peak role performance, I was starting to get less successful, partly a dizzy head from being upside down in the Isle of Scilly Atlantic, generally that little bit colder than along the English Channel. In the water the ThermaFlex performs like a summer Wet Suit, therefore it is truly cool whilst paddling and warm when a swim occurs! Other pleasing experiences-
  • Because your body temperature remains what I would term as neutral, when you take the ThermaFlex off, you’re not subjected to that rather unpleasant experience of going from hot and sticky to chilled and cold. You’re not desperate to get into the shower to warm up! (I did still shower for reference.)
  • The material dries out quicker than a traditional Wet Suit, gone are those days of gingerly sliding into a disgusting cold and damp Wet Suit the next morning, it’s a real bonus!
  • The suit features knee and bottom reinforcement which will make it hard wearing for kayaking
  • It is lighter in weight than a wet suit and rolls up small, this makes the Rooster range of ThermaFlex Long Johns, ThermaFlex Top and Hot Tops ideal clothing for all summer weather conditions, being light and compact to carry in a Kayak.
Concluding- I was very pleased with the comfortable fit of the suit and the way my body temperature remained neutral while paddling. In the water the ThermaFlex material acts like a traditional summer Wet Suit and I felt that should I have fallen in I would have had amble protection / warmth whilst re-entering the Kayak and for continuing my paddling. Many thanks Rooster; you certainly helped make my trip of the Scilly Isle enjoyable.
David Johnson - in his Thermaflex® Longjohn. David Johnson

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