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The Boat Whisperer Digital Downloads are now available

By Mark Harper 2nd October 2020
Since the founding of Rooster Sailing, Steve has always been keen to promote and use the latest available technology, such as miniature cameras, audio and GPS/GNSS devices plus the associated software to convey the Rooster Sailing ‘Boat Whisperer’ concepts. Well, it had been on the ‘to do’ list for some time, and now, Rooster Sailing is pleased to offer a new digital download service of these three popular DVD boxed sets. Available as MP4 files converted from the original media. ‘The Boat Whisperer DVD series' is now available as a direct digital download at the special introductory price of £12.95 per set. Available from the new Digital Download on-line shop HERE The new MP4 files (1024 x 576 pixels per frame format) can be easy imported and displayed by most of the popular hardware platforms such the iPad, iPhone, Mac or Windows PC (via the Apple iTunes software) A short promo extract below from 'The Boat Whisperer' Tactics DVD: 'The Boat Whisperer' Upwind and Downwind DVD sets. The 'upwind' and 'downwind' compilations have also included in the digital download (as a separate MP4 file), the ‘raw footage’ from the 'fast and furious' on the water action, but with no commentary. This is useful so that coaches and trainers can add their own commentary and interpretation of the events. Customers can still purchase the original hardcopy DVD boxes media from the main Rooster Sailing web site HERE

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