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Kit Guide

Rooster Journal '20 Release

By Emma Ralph 2nd October 2020
Inspire, educate and facilitate access to the freedom of being on the water #InYourElement. Our 2020 Journal has been curated from stories, detailed info on products, sailing technique and the projects that fuel us. We continue to invest in the technical development of our kit with innovative ideas fostered at home, the heart of the Rooster culture. We are not blinkered. Enjoying the water needn't cost the earth. Our environmental efforts are taking effect, bolstered with every product that is sold, cared for and upcycled within the wider community.

Rooster, founded by Steve Cockerill in November 1999, emerged from sailing clubs and boat parks across the world; combining his passion for developing sailing kit that performs with his enthusiasm for sharing the knowledge amassed from two Olympic Campaigns. Our very origin is innovation and challenging the system, not just a brand; but products delivered for sailors, by sailors.

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