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Kit Guide

Rooster Hiking Pads

By 30th September 2020
I have just returned from a month of traveling and I wanted to write a blog on a question that I am asked frequently. What hiking pads do you wear and why? I love the rooster hiking pad for many reasons, but here are my main two: 1. They are stiff. Laser hiking is very difficult on the whole leg and the rooster pad can help aid in this physical activity. It prevents bruising on the hamstring, promotes blood flow and it aids in a good hiking stance. 2. They fit perfectly to my leg. This allows me to have good hiking technique in all types of conditions. One might worry that a stiff pad would inhibit good performance in light air, but since these pads fits so nicely to your leg it allows you to have great mobility in the boat. Laser sailing is extremely demanding physically. The rooster pads help you to be an efficient athlete that can hike not only on one upwind, but for a full day comfortably. Paige Railey

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